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Florida Water Quality Information System

Welcome to the Water Quality Information website of the University of Florida, Institute of Food Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

  • The Florida Water Quality Information System addresses issues in the field of soil, water, and agrichemical management.

  • Links to publications, contacts, FAQs, interactive maps, and many others are also available on this site.

  • The map on the right represents major watersheds in Florida. To learn more about them and how they comprise Florida's Water Management Districts, click on the picture.

  • To learn more about the watersheds in your county, click here.

  • Our water quality extension program focuses on educating the agricultural community as well as the general public by providing them with a variety of products, including those that provide information regarding Florida drinking water resources.

This website was developed by the UF-IFAS Water Resources Focus Team, under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Obreza, Professor in the Soil and Water Science Department.

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Last Revised on: 11/20/2007